Looking Back On Hurricane Arthur

The first named storm of 2014 hurricane, Arthur. Hurricane Arthur attained peak winds of 100 mph and was classified as a Category 2 hurricane making landfall on July 4, 2014 over NC’s Shackleford Banks between Cape Lookout and Beaufort.

A state of emergency was declared for all 26 counties in North Carolina. Mandatory and volunteer evacuations were imposed all along the state’s coastal communities.

Damages were limited to debris, cluttered roads, roof damage as well as 44,000 power outages.

Zero deaths or serious injuries were reported even with widespread flooding along the northern coast.

OCVYS Volunteers

OCVYS is a non-profit and being that we’re strictly a volunteer based organization we’re low on funds and high on time.  With that said, when Arthur struck, I wanted to help out with the aftermath and storm cleanup

Our goal was to assist our coastal neighbors in the clean up and distribution of food and water.  OCVYS was blessed with 17 volunteers committed to spend three days in cleanup efforts.

Working with nearly a dozen volunteers we managed to receive donations in the form of canned goods and bottled water.  The trouble was getting the 5 pallets of water and 2 pallets of canned goods to the coast.

After making dozens of calls to local businesses we finally secured a donated panel van for the pallets of water and canned goods. Even better was the dad of one of our volunteers is the co-owner of LimoServiceGreensboro.net  which offered the use of one of his party buses to transport all 17 of us to the coast.On July 5th we arrived in Morehead City ready to work.  Tree limbs littered the roads and around people’s homes.  We spent the first of three days distributing food and water and the other two days clearing roads, cutting trees and otherwise cleaning up debris.

The sand that had washed ashore was everywhere.  The one thing that we didn’t bring with us were shovels so off to Lowes we went to pick up a few. We cleared sidewalks around homes

Devastation from a hurricane can be breathtaking and it’s a testament to the goodwill and compassion of not only those donating supplies, OCVYS volunteers and hundreds of emergency personnel.

Your volunteer service matters more than you know. Click here to see the other volunteer opportunities in NC available at OCVYS.


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